ERPAK SUB-DOYPAK/DOYPACK - Full Automatic Horizantal Standing Pouch Maker and Filling - Packaging Machine

Machine type: ERPAK SUB
• Bags type: Standing pouch / DOYPACK with zipper
• The zipper for to opening and closing of the product as many times as need.
• Filling system and Products to be packaged:
* Auger filler for Powder products such as spices, coffee, powdered soup etc

* Volumetric filler or Electronic weigher for granule products such as seeds,dried fruits, candy, olive etc

* Liquid filler for liquids such as juice, olive oil etc liquids.

Technical specifications
Bags width : min 100mm –max 160mm.
Bags lenght(h): min.120mm- max.230mm
Stand up width : min.60mm- max 80mm .
Packing material: Pet+PE, PET+Alu+PE and Metalize
• The machine main frame is made of normal steel, and all the parts in contact with the products will be made of stainless steel.
Automation: PLC (Type of PLC System is L.G.)
Electric Installation : 5kW/h 380volt 50hz.trifaze
• Air consumption 500 lt/minute/ 5Atü
Dimension of Machine: 600cm X 130cm X 160cm (high)+filling unit.
Weight of machine: 1300kg
Machine speed: 35-45 bags/minute.

Tam Otomatik Oturan Poşet Dolum ve Paketleme Makinası